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C Diff – Discover 9 Things You Should Know


What is C Diff? It sickens 500,000 people per year in the USA alone. It contributes to the death of 30,000 people in the USA every year. C. difficile is a bacteria found in the gut of many. It is prevented from harming us by the action of other bacteria. When these ‘good’ bacteria are killed by antibiotics taken for other medical conditions, C Diff can then create severe illness in the intestine.

We monitor the latest c.diff trends every day. We want to help you discover answers to the key questions about c.difficile.

1 What is c difficile (c diff)? Clostridium Difficile is a bacteria found in soil, animals and humans. It has the ability to form spores that are hard to destroy. Read More

2 What are the symptoms of a c difficile infection? These include a fever, stomach cramps and often diahrrea. Learn the difference between mild and severe c.diff. Read More

3 How do I know I have c difficile? A guide to c.difficile tests and why knowing what strain of c diff infection you have is important. Read More

4 What is the c diff treatment? It may be simple as withdrawing antibiotics. It could be special drugs. in hard to treat cases it may need a fecal transplant Read More

5 Is there a C.Diff diet? Simple suggestions to help you recover from an infection Read More

6 The C Difficile Fecal Transplant Therapy Explained It sounds gross but it cures 90% of the people who have chronic c difficile Read More

7 The C Diff Smell – 6 Key Facts For You C.Difficile sufferers and their nurses and carers talk of a very distinctive smell Read More

8 C Difficile Colitis – What is it? Bad cases of c diff infection can damage the lining of the intestine.Read More

C Difficile Contagious – How do you catch it Some people catch C Diff in hospital but there are many other possible ways it is transmitted Read More


  1. Debra B. Welch Debra B. Welch

    I just signed up and am eligible. Hoping that office visits, etc can be done at my own medical facilities, as I can barely get out of bed. This is my 2nd bout AFTER a successful FMT. 🙁

  2. The Clover Trial is looking for study patients who are 50 years and older to participate in a C.diff vaccine trial. Call (877) 829-0899 or to speak with a study nurse.

  3. I have a tooth absess dentist is recommending amoxicillin antibiotic for it . 5 yrs ago I took clindamycin after minor procedure. Had 2 episodes of cliff. Ok now . Is there any antibiotics you can safely take without getting cdiff as a result?

  4. Kelley Kelley

    My Dad is 87 and has been ill since end of June. UTI, MRSA in bloodstream, and found out today has 3rd case of cliff. They have used vancomycin with flagyl for first bout and added florastor to second bout. Usually five days after antibiotics end, it’s back. He spent 3 days in the hospital when they first found it. Rest of time he’s been in rehab/nursing home facility to continue treatment. Please tell me what else might be done to help my Dad beat this and get stronger. My Dad was a very strong man but this has taken a toll on him and each time he is weaker

    • Infection Watch Infection Watch

      Dear Kelley

      Dificid is very effective at stopping repeat C Diff. It is new and may be expensive. Fecal transplants are also very effective for 90% of people

      Hope this helps


  5. mary mary

    You can definitely have false negatives. My recommendation would be to go to a “hospital” lab and make sure you go to the same lab every time. Agree with comments on going to infectious disease doctor. My ordeal was 2 1/2 years. After my fecal transplant, I do have symptoms that sometimes are similar but have been told it is colitis. C Diff can really screw up your colon. Take your temperature twice a day. Record how many times you go to the bathroom and record the fatigue and how bad it is on a scale of 1-10.

  6. Carrie Smith Carrie Smith

    How often might a false negative show up if in fact a person has c-diff. I had been tested several times during my 3 year ordeal and was told the test was negative, then after finally going to an infectious disease doctor the test came back positive. Have gone through all the antibiotics which did not help, then had 3 fecal transplants. Still show symptoms on occasion. Is it possible to still have c-diff even with a negative stool test? Are different tests more sensitive then others? I just want to be well again some day. Any suggestions?

  7. mary mary

    After 6 rounds of antibiotics, I had the fecal transplant. Worked the first time! I do have colitis as a result of my C:Diff but easier to manage that than c:diff. I would highly recommend the fecal transplant.

  8. Carrie Smith Carrie Smith

    I’ve had the drug dificid several times and it did not work for me. I’ve also had 3 fecal transplants, the first working very well, then I became septic and had to go on antibiotics which brought back the c-diff. The second transplant did not work at all, and the third one seem to somewhat work, but have not been fully well (like the first one) since I’ve had it. That is why I was wondering if my symptoms are just lingering effects and I’ll get better some day, or if I might still have c-diff although I’ve tested negative. Any ideas?

    • Infection Watch Infection Watch

      There may be other intestinal issues. It is hard that you are one of the 10% for whom FMT doesn’t work fully.

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