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C.difficile – Medical Journals

We monitor medical journals for the latest research on issues surrounding c.difficile. We pay particular attention to items about transmission, treatment, key drugs and infection control. With over 500 relevant journal articles being released every year, our service can help you see the latest research headlines at a glance.

C Diff News – Twitter

We discover cutting edge analysis via the Twitter accounts of leading infection control specialists, medical journalists and national and international agencies. These unique voices are at the heart of the science surrounding c.difficile infection and the discussions about key trends and best practice.

C Diff News – Mainstream media

Newspapers all over the world carry c.difficile related news. We monitor this using news alert software and add the key stories to our news feed as well as removing the many duplicates of the same story that sometimes appear. The media shape popular perceptions of the extent and impact of c.difficile infections. Our C Diff news service helps you discover, in 2 minutes a day, the important stories that you might want to explore further and can save you time and energy.

The newsletter and Twitter feed we offer are unique. We believe they will be helpful to infection control specialists, general nursing staff, patient advocates, medical equipment manufacturers and those working on KPC related drug projects. They are both free. Sponsors for the newsletter are welcome – you can find more information by emailing dave(at)tahilla.com

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