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C Diff – Discover 9 Things You Should Know


What is C Diff? It sickens 500,000 people per year in the USA alone. It contributes to the death of 30,000 people in the USA every year.┬áC. difficile is a bacteria found in the gut of many. It is prevented from harming us by the action of other bacteria. When these ‘good’ bacteria are killed by antibiotics taken for other medical conditions, C Diff can then create severe illness in the intestine.

We monitor the latest c.diff trends every day. We want to help you discover answers to the key questions about c.difficile.

1 What is c difficile (c diff)? Clostridium Difficile is a bacteria found in soil, animals and humans. It has the ability to form spores that are hard to destroy. Read More

2 What are the symptoms of a c difficile infection? These include a fever, stomach cramps and often diahrrea. Learn the difference between mild and severe c.diff. Read More

3 How do I know I have c difficile? A guide to c.difficile tests and why knowing what strain of c diff infection you have is important. Read More

4 What is the c diff treatment? It may be simple as withdrawing antibiotics. It could be special drugs. in hard to treat cases it may need a fecal transplant Read More

5 Is there a C.Diff diet? Simple suggestions to help you recover from an infection Read More

6 The C Difficile Fecal Transplant Therapy Explained It sounds gross but it cures 90% of the people who have chronic c difficile Read More

7 The C Diff Smell – 6 Key Facts For You C.Difficile sufferers and their nurses and carers talk of a very distinctive smell Read More

8 C Difficile Colitis – What is it? Bad cases of c diff infection can damage the lining of the intestine.Read More

C Difficile Contagious – How do you catch it Some people catch C Diff in hospital but there are many other possible ways it is transmitted Read More


  1. Carrie Smith Carrie Smith

    How long does it take to completely heal after having multiple c-diff infections. Can you explain some of the lingering affects.

    • Infection Watch Infection Watch

      Bit hard to generalise from my reading of the literature. Sometimes the gut rebalances but can be upset again by a fresh round of antibiotics. The recent drug Dificid is thought be better at eliminating c difficile. Fecal transplants are the ultimate tool for rebalancing the gut.

      Dave Roberts

  2. randy gollay randy gollay

    Whatever works for you is the key. Everyone is different. Education and persistence, along with hope go along way to recovery. The mental and spiritual go side by side with the medical

  3. mary mary

    Randy: My heart goes out to you and your wife for all the trials you are going through. Please make sure that you test her again in 2-3 weeks. Go to the same lab as the original. I am hoping it comes out negative again. The antibiotics did nothing for me. I was on 5 rounds of vanco at the cost of $1500 each round and on flagyl. The only thing that resolved my issue was the fecal transplant. My prayers for you all!!!

  4. Randy Gollay Randy Gollay

    My wife has had MS for 28 years (has only use of one hand) Had stage four bed sore surgery/flap. Hospitalized 14 days and the 14 days at top Rehab in world (CHi) Developed c diff. Flagyl in hospital and vancomyecin prescription after rehab. Cost is prohibitive (>$1750)
    Here’s what BRIDGET followed:
    oral vancomyecin from hospital pharmacy ($70)
    NOTE: most doctors unaware of this
    Cooked barley in slow pressure cooker, added lime and honey to the excess water (drank), bought probiotics at GNC 200 billion cultures ($72) In two weeks- stololl sample now negative. If you follow these three steps plus add PRAYERS!- you will defeat c-difff!!

  5. Dear Dave,
    Our sincere gratitude for sharing the “Raising C Diff Awareness” educational events being hosted in September and November. We appreciate your participation and we hope to meet you in November in Chicago. Best to you and yours,
    C Diff Foundation

  6. Kiyo Goto Kiyo Goto

    As I collect information about clostridium difficile colitis , it makes me so angry that the hospital where my wife (Kayoko) had entered for a fractured FEMUR bone could not diagnose the problem as soon as she developed diarrhea. I informed the medical staff that she has never had diarrhea problems in her life. That she was more likely to have constipation problems.. She passed away without ever being able to come home!! Two days after her operation, she was hallucinating like she was on some kind of drugs!! I informed the staff that something is wrong!! I sure wish that I had this knowledge on clostridium difficile colitus at that time..

    • mary rabquer mary rabquer

      Kiyo–I am so very sorry for the loss of your wife. For the hospital to not know immediately what was causing the diarrhea is inexcusable. I cannot believe this happened. You go into a hospital thinking they are fixing what you went in there for and end up walking out with a whole new set of problems. Or, in your case, be one of the tragedies of this horrible condition. 16,000 people a year die from C-Diff related issues. My heart breaks that your loved one was one of them.

  7. mary mary

    I am SO GLAD you are having the transplant on Friday!! It is definitely a piece of cake…or piece of poop (LOL). You will feel nothing at all. They gave me some “happy juice” and I was out. Exactly the same as a colonoscopy. I did have to clean myself out (I was convinced there was nothing left inside me but there was a little). That was the worst part. I was home within 4 hours. I was very reluctant to go to the bathroom & just wanted to lay in bed and let the good bacteria multiply. I had the procedure on Friday & had a little diarrhea on Sunday from the after effects of cleaning myself out. On Wednesday, I had a “normal” bowel movement. One. There was no c:diff smell, no odd color. It was normal. I do have some gastro problems as a result of my c:diff & am on a reflux medication. But, the doctor said my c:diff was at the highest farthest part of my colon & not surprised I have some reflux. I will take that any day over a colostomy. Please let me know if you have any specific questions. You will do fine, Dee. Please email me and let me know how you are. Good luck & God Bless. I pray all goes well for you.

  8. Dee Dee


    Would you be willing answer some questions about the FMT procedure as I am going in on Friday to have one. I emailed you back a couple of months ago and you gave me some great advice.



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