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C Diff diagnosis? – How do you know you have c diff?

C Diff Diagnosis РIf you have the classic c diff symptoms of fever, cramping and diahorrea, you will need to see a doctor. Most, but by no means all,  C Diff cases happen to people who are already ill. The doctor who is treating you will respond to your new symptoms. Some people however will develop a c diff infection after treatment for a respiratory infection or dental work. You will need to go to your normal medical provider initially.

To help you clarify whether your diarrhea is caused by c difficile you will also want to think about recent medication that you have taken. Antibiotics and protein pump inhibitors for acid reflux can also change the balance of the gut bacteria and allow the toxins associatted with c difficile to attack the intestine.

You need a c diff  diagnosis test
Self diagnosis should be avoided at all costs. Many of the symptoms are found in other conditions and you will need both the insights of those familiar with your health and the test on your stool sample which can confirm the presence of C Difficile. The test is vital to confirm that you have c diff and also which strain you have – some strains are much more powerful than others.

You may need specialist advice
A gastroenterologist will normally help treat you. The gastroenterologist may suggest a colonoscopy to help discover the damage to your intestines and the nature of presence of the c-diff and possible polyps. Click here to see a picture of a colonoscopy from the C Diff support site.

Some regular doctors can treat and cure you but a word of caution is in order. Non-specialist doctors may not look at the whole picture of your health situation and recent antibiotic use and then misdiagnose and suggest another antibiotic that makes the situation worse.

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13 thoughts on “C Diff diagnosis? – How do you know you have c diff?

  1. Sa Cady

    My dad tested positive for C-diff after a hospital stay in November. He has completed treatment 3 times with vancomyacin as his diarrhea has returned each time within a week of completing treatment. The last time was progressive tapered regimine. He was put back on vanco and the doctor requested another stool test which was negative. Can this be a false negative if he was taking the vanco or is the C-Diff gone and he has another intestinal illness?

    1. Infection Watch

      This is not medical advice but it is informed by detailed research.

      Vanco doesnot eradicate C Diff, it neutralises it. Some times people have positive tests when the c diff is dormant and contained. For those with reccurent attacks Dificid (Fidaxomicin) is thought to be better as it is thought to kill c diff altogether. It is more expensive however.

      He may have another condition but it sounds like vanco failure to me.

      See http://www.cdifficile.org/vancocin/


    1. Infection Watch

      This may be the right thing when it is at it’s worst. But hand hygiene is also v important for carers. Isolation also has negative impact on patient that may hinder recovery.


    My Diarrhea became worst a day after taking Antibiotics. Now, I could no longer have control. About six days like this, I had finally decided to a Hospital. The first question from a doctor was to ask me if I had taken antibiotics. Their concluded to have a Colonoscopy and it proofed it. My stay at the Hospital was over 2 months and now I believe it’s back. Why? Severe Diarrhea and painful cramping throughout my abdomen. My diarrhea looks the same. I’m leaving to go to the Emergency Hospital in about 6 hours. Once I get ready. This time, I’m prepared more than the 1st. I wish & pray for everyone going through a Health issue can get back to living their LIVES again and w/out worry. THANKS for reading this! Michael Joseph McCourt/ Westland, Michigan, USA.

  3. emily

    i have had diarhea for 2 1/2 weeks now, i finally went to see a dr and they ordered a sample which turned out positive for c-diff. i am a very active and fit 22 yr female that hasnt been in a hospital setting or on antibiotics for at least 4-6 month. the only place i can think of that i would have picked up the bug is from some questionable drinking water i drank while backpacking? my dr recommended i call the health department and tell them about where i got the water from, however i am the only one of 10 people who regularly drank the water to get sick. my question is do i really need to involve the health department or can i just warn others with access to the same water of the hazard? must the bug come from human feces or could it be from animal feces?

  4. Sal

    I had a c diff infection for six months can that cause inflamation of the large intestine so bad that presses the bladder or prostate???? After being cure??

    1. admin Post author

      You may have another type of intestinal infection or problem. You will need expert medical opinion


  5. CATH

    This is super contagious. My mom resently contracted this and not everyone exposed to it will get it. The bacteria if someone has it on their clothing or their body can transmit to a table or chair and it last 5 months. Bleach is about the only thing that kills this stuff, it is brutal. We also had to wear gowns and latex clothes whenever entering her room.

    You do need to the right environment in your body to develop this. If you are on anti-acid medications for acid reflux and/or antibiotics, you are at huge risk for this to be developed if exposed. Older people and people with weak immune systems are also at risk. You should get stool checked asap if you suspect this. There are only a couple of antibiotics that make this any better.

    They told us at the hospital, it is real mucousy and not so much like diarrhea and they said that was because this stuff strips the lining of the intestines and sheds it.

  6. Jessica

    My husband works in a nursing home and was exposed to c diff. We have 2 boys and they have had constant diarrhea and the pediatrician said c diff isnt contagious and he doesnt want to do a stool sample. What should I do?

    1. Infection Watch

      It is quite rare for there to be family transmission but it does happen and is documented in the medical literature. Insist that he does it or consider moving to another doctor.


    2. K Welch

      My 2 year old granddaughter was just diagnosed with c-diff. She apparently got it from the pre-school. The first/regular pediatrician said young children don’t get c-diff and would not do a stool sample. So I made my daughter try another pediatrician. They did the stool sample, and sure enough that is how we found the c-diff. After 3 days on ‘Flagyl’ (generic) she was already better, and just finished her medicine. She is back to normal, no diarrhea, and no stomach aches/cramping that she had. Please go get another opinion and MAKE them do a stool sample.

  7. Peggy Wilson

    Please , Need Advice… for couple of weeks I started having very soft bowels. and gas. I never have gas… I have stopped drinking and eating certain foods thinking this will help, NOTHING… I have never had a problem with my bowels like this before.. I do hace IBS SYNDROME, but it is not like this.. I feel all the time like I have not emptied out and I feel sluggish and have a tiny bit of cramping.. What could this be and what could be going on with me…?


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