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C Diff diagnosis? – How do you know you have c diff?

C Diff Diagnosis РIf you have the classic c diff symptoms of fever, cramping and diahorrea, you will need to see a doctor. Most, but by no means all,  C Diff cases happen to people who are already ill. The doctor who is treating you will respond to your new symptoms. Some people however will develop a c diff infection after treatment for a respiratory infection or dental work. You will need to go to your normal medical provider initially.

To help you clarify whether your diarrhea is caused by c difficile you will also want to think about recent medication that you have taken. Antibiotics and protein pump inhibitors for acid reflux can also change the balance of the gut bacteria and allow the toxins associatted with c difficile to attack the intestine.

You need a c diff  diagnosis test
Self diagnosis should be avoided at all costs. Many of the symptoms are found in other conditions and you will need both the insights of those familiar with your health and the test on your stool sample which can confirm the presence of C Difficile. The test is vital to confirm that you have c diff and also which strain you have – some strains are much more powerful than others.

You may need specialist advice
A gastroenterologist will normally help treat you. The gastroenterologist may suggest a colonoscopy to help discover the damage to your intestines and the nature of presence of the c-diff and possible polyps. Click here to see a picture of a colonoscopy from the C Diff support site.

Some regular doctors can treat and cure you but a word of caution is in order. Non-specialist doctors may not look at the whole picture of your health situation and recent antibiotic use and then misdiagnose and suggest another antibiotic that makes the situation worse.

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  1. Lynn Lynn

    Yes…. my mom went through that for a year and a half! He needs a stool transplant then he will be fine! My mom has it again after another round of hospital stays and major antibiotics. We are going transplant route ASAP!

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