C Diff Treatment

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C Difficile treatment is focused on a selection of key antibiotics. For many people the c diff treatment works and it goes away after 7-14 days. About 20% of the patients are not cured and more powerful drugs must be used. The common and least expensive drug used is Flagyl (metronidazole). If Flagyl is not effective then Vancocin (vancomycin) is the next choice – but it is more expensive and is also usually reserved for the worst cases, so that strains vulnerable to the drug of ‘last resort’ do not develop.

A new drug called Fidaxomicin is also becoming a C Difficile treatment option. It is thought to target C Diff only and cause less disruption to the intestine as a result

A new therapy that involves placing specially treated fecal matter from a relative inside the intestine of a sufferer is also being researched. The evidence so far indicates that for many it ends their chronic C Diff infections. Find out more about c difficile treatment below.

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  1. Michael McCann

    This is a very important question because we know that antibiotic use is a main cause of C diff overgrowth, but what we do not know is whether the probiotic used will also be killed off by the antibiotic used. In the future I hope all probiotics will be accompanied by specific antibiotic sensitivity testing on their labels. Then we can select resistant probiotics to use along with the therapeutic antibiotic. Right now it is anybody’s guess because the studies have not been done.


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