Is There a Contagious C Diff Incubation Period


When a family member or friend has a C Difficile outbreak we can be concerned about a possible spread and severe illness within weeks, for others. The reality is that most people, if they do become carriers as a result of a local infection, which is rare, could carry the bacteria for years without an active infection. Even when the c difficile has lodged in the intestine it usually does not provoke an infection straight away. The intestine contains many other ‘good’ bacteria that hold it in check. Taking antibiotics for other illnesses can have the effect of killing the good bacteria and allowing the c difficile to flourish.

If a family member or friend has an active c difficile infection then care with hand hygiene should be taken by all household members. Household members taking antibiotics for other conditions should be particularly vigilant as they will be more vulnerable to a possible infection outbreak.

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Article written by Dave Roberts.
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