Vancocin & C Difficile


Vancocin is the trade name for vancomycin, the drug of last resort for many conditions including MRSA. It works by interfering with the bacteria cell wall mechanism and thereby halting it’s reproduction. In C difficile cases it is usually given after Flagyl has failed and is given via mouth rather than the normal intravenous method used for other conditions. Side effects are rare except in prolonged courses of treatment – you can find out more about these at the vancomycin page at Wikipedia and this page at

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Marjorie Okie I can't believe I can ever be well again. September 26, 2012 at 11:06 pm

I took 2 14 day 4 pills daily Flagyl and now 2 14 day Vancomycin and continued always with the c difficile since July. Now I am told I will need a fecal transplant probably. And will it come back?

Jan Murray October 2, 2012 at 10:14 pm

I also went through 14 days on Flagyl, then 10 days on Rifaxamin, then 10 days on 250 mg. Vancomycin 4x daily (around the clock). I still had C. Diff. I went to see an Infectious Disease Specialist (see my earlier comment above) and am now on Vancomycin 3x daily (none at night) until all SYMPTOMS are gone and stools look normal for me; then I’m to be on Vanco 3 days a week, stop for four days a week, and repeat that pattern for 6-8 weeks. Only then, if C. Diff is not gone, will I need fecal transplant. See an Infectious Disease Specialist for recurring C. Diff!!!

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