What are C Difficile toxins?

C. difficile can produce several toxins. The two best understood are enterotoxin (toxin A) and cytotoxin (toxin B). Both cause diarrhea and inflammation in infected patients. Which is the worst is the subject of some debate.

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  1. monica

    I have a confirmed case of C difficile. I was on NO antibiotics. I had major muscle and joint stiffness and pain on top of the diarrea! My spouse, father, and co worker also shared these symptoms of muscle stiffness days after the diarrea started. I swear its connected, and was so severe my dad’s calf muscle was so tight 2 of his toes were raised. As well as none of us have been on antibiotics! Has this bacteria become more aggressive? It is in the same family as tetanus so could that be why the muscle joint stiffness and pain was so bad??? The doctors are baffled but I bet it will be affecting a whole lot more healthy (non antibiotic) people!

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