what is c diff

What is C Diff – your guide to prevention, symptoms and treatment

What is C Diff? It sickens 500,000 people per year in the USA alone. It is thought to contribute to or directly cause the death of about 30,000 in the USA annually.

Our bodies are home to many bacteria. This often includes c. difficile. This potentially dangerous bacteria is prevented from harming us by the action of other bacteria at work in our gut. When these ‘good’ bacteria are killed by antibiotics when treating another illness , C Diff may then create severe illness in the intestine.

What is c diff?

Clostridium Difficile is found in soil, animals and humans. It can form spores that are hard to destroy. Read More

What are the symptoms of a c diff infection?

These include fever, stomach cramps and diahrrea. Learn the difference between mild and severe c.diff. Read More

How do I know I have c difficile?

A guide to c.difficile tests. Knowing what strain of c diff infection you have is important. Read More

What is c diff best treatment?

It may be simple as stopping antibiotics. It could be special drugs. In difficult cases it may need a fecal transplant Read More

Is there a C.Diff diet?

Simple suggestions to help you recover from c.difficile infections Read More

The C Diff Fecal Transplant Therapy Explained

It sounds gross but it cures 90% of the people who have chronic c difficile Read More

The C Diff Smell

C Diff is thought to have a distinctive smell Read More

What is C Diff Colitis?

An infection can damage the colon. Find out how. Read More

Is C Difficile Contagious?

C Diff can be very contagious – read our guide to how you can be aware of C Diff risks Read More

What causes C Diff?

C Diff is caused by the action from the toxins from the c difficile bacteria that may reside in your stomach. What wakes them from their dormant state? Read More

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