Why do some people have recurrent C Diff infections?

Recurrent C Diff – What are the causes? This is an area where research is ongoing, but here are some of the possible reasons.

New infection from a new source

They have been reinfected through another hospital contact and a cycle of sickness has started again.

Recurrent c diff – the drugs calmed it rather than killing it

The drugs previously given subdued it but did not kill it. There is some evidence that some bacteria will ‘switch off’ and go dormant in their fight against vancocin. When the balance of the intestine is disturbed again by drug treatment for another illness the latent c diff is re-activated. A new but expensive drug called Dificid kills the c difficile bacteria and is linked to low to non existent return of c diff in treated patients.

You were reinfected again in the community

Little is known about the general prevelance of c difficile in the environment and community. Figures of 3-35% who might be ‘silent carriers’ are sometimes mentioned in the scientific literature. There is also a growing body of evidence that some are suffering c difficile infections without hospital contact. The possibility of community spread cannot be ruled out.

What is the solution?

The intestine can sometimes be so disturbed by drug treatment, infection and illness that it struggles to get right. The fecal transplant method now being explored in many hospitals does suggest that healthier fecal matter can restore the intestine to balance and break the cycle of illness. Find out moreĀ 

There are also some studies that suggest that people suffering from other intestinal complaints will be more vulnerable to repeat infections. Their medications may be a factor as may other changes in the gut bacteria with respect to the other condition.

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